Cadets Attend Summer Training

Many Cadets will spend their summers attending Summer Training at one of the various Cadet Camps across Canada. They are given a training bonus of $60 per week for cadets, and after a few years of training, the cadets will return as staff to instruct the new cadets with a full paid position at the camp. Food, lodging and activities are fully paid for. Cadets from BC can go to Alberthead, Cold Lake, Vernon or Whitehorse depending on their course selection.

In the first year of cadets, at age 12, the cadets may attend General Training (GT)

In the second year, the cadets may take basic courses, such as Basic Expedition, Pipes and Drums, Military Band, Drill and Ceremonial, Sports and Fitness and Marksmanship.

In their third year, the cadets learn how to instruct with Instructor courses such as Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor, Fitness and Sports Instructor, Drill and Ceremonial Instructor, Expedition Instructor and Band Courses.

In their Fourth year, Cadets options vary greatly:

Cadets may now attend Rocky Mountain National Training Center in Cochran Alberta where they spend 7 weeks participating in an advanced Expedition skills course, which may lead them to International Expedtions and Exchanges the Following Year.  Cadets may also participate in Pre-Para and the CF Basic Parachustist Course. Cadets May participate in Full Bore phase I and II at Connaught to compete for the National or International Marksmanship Team. Cadets May participate in an Honour Band travelling across BC. Cadets May also staff and instruct in any of the aforementioned courses with a full time paid position.


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